Are Starbucks poking fun at Anonymous?

The Starbucks Nutcracker

It’s not an odd thought that Starbucks, a name synonymous with globalization, might want to attack a group intent on facing that very system head on. But what is outstanding about this notion is the manner that Starbucks may or may not be taking.

Last week as one of my fellow drones was sipping a cup of unholy corporate ‘bucks beverage whose name is an amalgamation of several unfrequently used words that I can’t remember, it dawned on me that the freakishly pedophilic nutcracker on the cup is eerily similar to a certain masked individual that we have all become accustomed to seeing at righteous demonstrations all over the world.

Invigorating stuff...

The tagline “let’s remember why we go well together” as the crackhead (sorry Mr Nutcracker) hands a nut to a squirrel reminds me of such horrific advertising as the sensational burger ‘blow-your-mind-job’ palooza (below), or worse yet – dare I mention, the Arlington Pediatric Center’s family un-friendly distastefulness (also below)?!

Is that the message that Starbucks want to send Anonymous? Are their internet servers really that heavily protected? Perhaps it’s just an homage to Anonymous and the fact that Occupy has indeed changed the world! In any case, Anonymous took them on first, check out the incredible OccupyLSX library logo (last image).

This is the type of marketing that makes you puke out all the undigested chewing gum you ever had in your life.

No ... seriously ... NO!

Dayum, that's a bad man's library!


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