It looks just like the continuum transfunctioner

It looks just like the continuum transfunctioner

Tsup peeps?!

Just got back from an awesome mini euro trip for around a week or so which saw me lose my phone, clothes, money and almost myself! If that’s not a clear sign of fun than I don’t know what is!

Due to logistical reasons beyond my control and lie solely in the hands of the Gods of the 3.5G, I was unable to log on to the respected word press and spread my propoganda, so I was demoted to simply tweeting lamely once every 2 days or so … that is until my connection to the outside world was stolen by a group of ignorant aliens who thought it was the “Continuum Transfunctioner”. What can you do, when a group of angry Bruggians ally themselves and pledge allegiance to a group of ultra hot femarobotic species who just landed from Gleise 581g, then you just have to give up that gun.

The aliens took on seductive forms like this

The aliens took on seductive forms like this

It is due to the unfortunate event mentioned above that I have no photographic evidence of the events that took place on the Old Continent last week, but you just have to take my words for it I would propose.

After a romantic first 24 hours in Paris, I reconnected with nature and camped out in the wild with around 3000 weirdly dressed folks in search for some rhythym and melodies in the northern outbacks of Arras. The search did not yield much succesful results and I was left batteling loud animal like sounds produced by highly repugnant but equally morally dichotomised individuals every night. Alas, with a few rare expections, the melodic pilgrimage was a failure by most measures, but connecting with mother nature was solace enough.

The journey continued and the search for the ‘Rings of Power’ continued. Lille was forever trendy and funky, while Brugge was exactly as Harry Waters described it, a ‘fairytale city’. I attempted to jump from the Belfort, but the alliance in search of the transfunctioner was quick to stop me. That day the alliance got their way and I lost my communication device…

I guess ultimately it was meant to happen, you can’t carry around a device that resembles a very mysterious one that has the potential to destroy the universe and get away with it, especially in Brugges, the fairytale city! And if any of you aliens are reading this then I demand my machine back, else prepare for a very thirlling and bone cracking paper rock scissors battle!