The Weirdest Shopping List of All Time

I mean really?!

Is that what normal people buy?!

You know what they say, when life throws you a lemon, well you make lemonade! At least that was the first cheesy line that came to mind when I found this strangely interesting shopping list on the side pavement with a five pound note inside of it while comming back from work today on High Holborn! I looked around to try to check if it fell from someone’s pocket (OKAY I didnt), more like I checked that no one saw my misdemeanor! Still …

So ‘life’ or ‘strangely thrifty shopping person’ … CHALLANGE ACCEPTED! I will embark on a journey deep into the bowels of healthy shopping and do the right thing, fullfill that five pound note’s duty of purchasing those odd items and crossing them off the list.

The trick ofcourse is to bag all these items for a fiver, otherwise what’s the point right?!

So here’s what on the menu:

  • Olives
  • Sundried Toms (WHAT?!)
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Celery (NO .. JUST NOOO)
  • Cookies (RANDOM!)
  • Corn Crackers (REALLY?!)
  • Apples
  • Bananas

Well the last item says it best, this is really bananas, but I’ll be getting back to you shorty with a report on my mission, as for now … well wish me good luck!

PS: Is that what normal people buy?! I feel like such an alien!