Sounds From My Revolution?

Che - Reading Goethe

It may seem a little strange that the only time off from my revolution that I took last week was to prepare and then record this month’s podcast, but then again even Che (who incidentally also suffered chronic asthma like me) would take a break from the Cuban revolution and indulge in peotry and literature, some of his favorite pastimes (which included rugby union strangely!).

Well, the revolution goes on, even if I had to scale back my presence a little as reality bitch slaps me and makes me realize that pretty soon I have to be back in an office with my fellow drones fueling the corporation and its ambitions. Oh well, not all is gloom, occupying London has taught me that I wake up with a perfect hairdoo if it’s after spending the night in the cold on the streets of the city as opposed to my cosy high thread count bed, which means that I might as well start sleeping in parks and public spaces from now on, all part of the job!

Here’s your monthly installment of grooves, peppered with revolutionary love.

District Funk 015


Occupying London

Occupy London

Folks, I’ve been part of a highly righteous crew occupying the heart of London town, just outside of St Paul’s catherdral since last Saturday. This has been the most amazing and inspiring time of my life, I’ve made lifelong friends and what is sure to be an instant police watch record! But all that aside, the OccupyLSX protest’s cause is one which is very close to my heart.

I’ve blogged about my experiences so far here, also made a couple of interviews here and there. If you’re in London and would like to participate in a movement that is signaling the need for a global change, greater regulation of the banking system, stronger accountabilty to both the politicians and the bankers, and a more fair and just society then pop along to our now extermly advanced camp outside of St Paul’s churchyard. Our camp now has enough infrastructure to run a small town! We have an amazing 24/7 kitchen with a constant supply of food and drinks, recycling points, an awesome media hub with wifi access streaming our movements to the world powered by two generators, a music area, toilets, supplies tent and a first aid area. Also it would be a great chance to meet!

Our Awesome Kitchen

You may even get to meet these guys! They gave us free breakfast.

Giving us the grooves!