Urban Nomads – We Make Music

Folks, its not hidden a secret that I am a part time Urban Nomad by profession.


Urban Nomadic Sessions 001

What do us Urban Nomads do I hear ya ask?

Simple, we traverse urban settings, admiring cities, architecture, noise, markets, music, people, shops and most importantly, our built environment.

Our activities include but not limited to:

  • Finding cool hidden gems, in my case the focus is on architecture and food.
  • Chilling in coffee shops and coffee related establishments. We can spend tons of hours in these places.
  • Walking in unknown parts of whatever city we happen to be in. We do that to discover new things, but also because it expands our understanding of our environment. It sometimes puts me in trouble. Worth it.
  • Our nomadic nature means we cannot get too attached to one city, place or setting. But we often do.
  • Running new routes around the city and seeing things at 20 km/hr while your heartbeat is at 100 bpm.
  • Attending gigs, going to museums, enriching ourselves culturally.
  • Airports
  • Metro/Subway/Tube inspiration
  • Finding cool hidden gems when we run of things to do
  • Make/be music as you listen to music.

And this brings us nicely to my latest project.

You might have been with me long enough to know about Kay-Ville, District Funk and then Disco Blasphemy. These were awesome shows which were broadcast and had their fun in their sun. Time for something new.

My latest is a no brainer. One of the main accessories of the discerning Urban Nomad is his headphones and music selection. It is highly unusual to find me walking random parts of Paris’s Courbevoie or New York’s Lower East Side without my headphones on, banging tunes, taking it all on.

When I often playback some tunes, it elicits such a strong feeling of a particular setting that I often can no longer but associate that track with that place. And hence my idea – put together tracks I play while hopping about places in one mix and see what that sounds like. And thus ‘The Urban Nomadic Sessions’ is born.

The first session takes us to one my favorite parts of London and where I have so many fond memories, Islington, up Naaarrffff.

Representing N1, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N16 and N19, with a silent ode to the gunners! Here we go!


  1. Grüün – GrüünGrüünGrüüün
  2. Deetron Feat. Ovasoul7 – Out Of My Head (Dub)
  3. Roman Flügel – More & More
  4. Aaron FIT Siegel – Tonite (DD Mix)
  5. Rachel Row – Follow The Step (KiNK Mix)
  6. Doc Daneeka – Everyday
  7. B.G. Baarregaard – Tocame
  8. Olivier Giacomotto – Together
  9. Martijn – Strada 23
  10. Flori – SU-3150
  11. Moodymanc – Joy (Ralph Lawson Dub)
  12. Dave Seaman – Private Education
  13. JC Williams – Need No More (NY Stomp Remix)
  14. Koelle, Elli – All You Got (Richard Seaborne Dub)
  15. Prok & Fitch – One Of These Days
  16. P A U L I E – Spread Love (Holmes Price Remix)
  17. Climbers Feat. Yasmine Azaiez – Left Your Love (Director’s Cut Signature Mix)
  18. Jacob Bech – The Kibosh
  19. Pablo Bolivar – Destination Novgorod
  20. Softwar – Believe
  21. NY’s Finest – I Can’t Wait Till Tonight
  22. James Welsh – Horse Fight
  23. JimmyTheTwin – Party Down
  24. Surrealism – So Much
  25. Matthew Collins – Nobody’s Fool (Young Hand Remix)
  26. System Of Survial – Iper Island
  27. Jesse Rose – Alone
  28. Benoit & Sergio – House With 500 Rooms (Dub)
  29. Sasse – Flushing Meadows (Mark E Remix)
  30. Jens Bond – Two Seconds Of Silence
  31. Chamboche – Into The Murk
  32. Phil Weeks – Stay Stayin
  33. Daniel Steinberg – 1981
  34. Dalson – Back Home
  35. Joe Morris – Elysium
  36. P. Laoss – Play My Music
  37. White Wolf Worx – MFED
  38. System Of Survial – Shaking Slow
  39. B.G. Baarregaard – C.R.A.Z.Y
  40. Alkalino – Have A Ball
  41. Crazy P – Cruel Mistress (Ron Basejam Remix)
  42. The Groovers – Make Me Feel
  43. 78 Edits – Don’t You Know
  44. Mario Basanov – More For The Less (Pablo Bolivar & Maurice Aymard Remix)
  45. Closed Paradise, Tesla Boy, Sasha Anastasov – The Daulphin
  46. Martijn – Sestriere
  47. The Groovers – Where You BelongB


It looks just like the continuum transfunctioner

It looks just like the continuum transfunctioner

Tsup peeps?!

Just got back from an awesome mini euro trip for around a week or so which saw me lose my phone, clothes, money and almost myself! If that’s not a clear sign of fun than I don’t know what is!

Due to logistical reasons beyond my control and lie solely in the hands of the Gods of the 3.5G, I was unable to log on to the respected word press and spread my propoganda, so I was demoted to simply tweeting lamely once every 2 days or so … that is until my connection to the outside world was stolen by a group of ignorant aliens who thought it was the “Continuum Transfunctioner”. What can you do, when a group of angry Bruggians ally themselves and pledge allegiance to a group of ultra hot femarobotic species who just landed from Gleise 581g, then you just have to give up that gun.

The aliens took on seductive forms like this

The aliens took on seductive forms like this

It is due to the unfortunate event mentioned above that I have no photographic evidence of the events that took place on the Old Continent last week, but you just have to take my words for it I would propose.

After a romantic first 24 hours in Paris, I reconnected with nature and camped out in the wild with around 3000 weirdly dressed folks in search for some rhythym and melodies in the northern outbacks of Arras. The search did not yield much succesful results and I was left batteling loud animal like sounds produced by highly repugnant but equally morally dichotomised individuals every night. Alas, with a few rare expections, the melodic pilgrimage was a failure by most measures, but connecting with mother nature was solace enough.

The journey continued and the search for the ‘Rings of Power’ continued. Lille was forever trendy and funky, while Brugge was exactly as Harry Waters described it, a ‘fairytale city’. I attempted to jump from the Belfort, but the alliance in search of the transfunctioner was quick to stop me. That day the alliance got their way and I lost my communication device…

I guess ultimately it was meant to happen, you can’t carry around a device that resembles a very mysterious one that has the potential to destroy the universe and get away with it, especially in Brugges, the fairytale city! And if any of you aliens are reading this then I demand my machine back, else prepare for a very thirlling and bone cracking paper rock scissors battle!