Jazzy Turkish Harem’s Delights?

Hiya fellow green goblins and humanoids.

Stuff that gives you performance powers

Stuff that gives you performance powers

My last ramble was almost two months ago, my minions I have failed you, I feel somberness towards the fact that you had to go and search for unstructered idiotic blabs elsewhere on the ethersphere, but fear not, I do have the treats.

Behold my desciples, this is the stuff that gives you ultra strong orgasms superpowers. These are the Harem’s delights which I have salvaged from a recent expedition into the lands of the Turks last month. Legend has it that a measured daily dosage if consumed by highly morally reprehensible creatures can create evil not seen since Godzilla invaded the shores of Odo island.

Harem's Delights will do this to you

After extensive research on the legend, and before I delved into these boxes, I was shocked to find one of the creatures that I have described earlier. It is reported that this individual feasts on these dangerous confections twice daily. The result is interesting, the science community is baffled.

In other news, the second episode of SCM is out. Two hours of Jazzy goodness which you might enjoy, Harem free?!